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Your Natural Hair Should

Not Be A Mystery

"I realized that I had spent my entire life learning to look like a commercialized Western ideal of beauty, without ever knowing

my true appearance."

—  The Huffington Post

Letters About Losing You

She is wearing the hat you bought her. Floppy black, what might seem regal, distinguished or a few grades lower than the crown of an angel who sings hymns

to the heavens and it is as if I am singing hymns to you without a voice...

This Gift is Not Mine

This Gift is Not Mine - Candace Howze
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She slips an aged brooch into my palm and smiles. No words, but I can read the meaning in the crackles of skin around her brown lips, saying, take this, this artifact of my touch, this proof of love, string it in your archives like a light sheet of fabric...


There must be more to this story

than a weathered wooden table

on a brick patio. More than two

glasses of foaming Irish cider

and a bagel that neither of us

has consumed..

parting in winter