Services I Provide

More Traffic, More Success

Creative, informative, and product-driven: these are all elements of good SEO content that drive visitors to your site and converts them to business. I create product pages, service page and city page content, About pages, social media captions and more. If you are a web designer looking to collaborate with an SEO expert, or an individual or business who needs help finding the right words to achieve high Google results, I'm here to help. Any industry in any location is welcome. English language sites only. See samples here.

Communicate Effectively

In the digital age, capturing and holding attention requires quality story-telling--not just a catchy headline. Delivering consistent, helpful blogs, insightful essays, and entertaining news features can drive audiences to your brand and assist in building a loyal following. For newsletters, magazine articles, and profiles choose a writer with excellent research, interviewing and story-telling skills. Tight deadlines are welcome.

Refine & Adapt

Behind every great document or website is a great editor ensuring that minor errors, grammatical mistakes, and missing words don't detract from otherwise stunning content. Structural editing and proofreading can benefit scholarship essays, term papers, resumes, cover letters, blogs, website content, news articles, e-mail marketing, and more. I also edit and create content for educational purposes, such as English Language testing and SAT/ACT/PSAT practice tests.

Imagery with Your Vision

If there's no picture, did it really happen? Photography and videography are an extension of our memory and a fantastic selling point for a brand. Headshots, graduation photos, and customized videos for your organization or event are just some of the services I provide. For visuals that you won't forget, collaborate with a trustworthy and talented eye. See sample work here.


Sample Work

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